Tiny Words – Huge Impact! Use the Power of Microcopy to Boost your Conversion and Engagement!

Let’s start out by saying that you are among the very few lucky people who are reading about the potential and power of microcopy. Not many out there are even aware that the term ‘microcopy’ exists. We don’t blame them. It’s a fairly new concept and even the vast majority of copywriters and content marketers are not aware of its existence. And, therein lies a BIG OPPORTUNITY FOR YOU! Since not many are aware of it, you can add an invisible weapon to your arsenal to beat the big fish within weeks of your website launch!

Microcopy is a term for all the small snippets of text, headlines and one liners that lead people on your site towards your conversion goals. By analyzing your content and the user experience it is possible to tweak and A/B split test your pages and evolve them into super-converting lead engines.

Understanding the Background?

2015 was a year of many advancements by the search engines; primarily Google- always Google. There was new emphasis placed on the conversion rates of websites and ability to engage visitors. Providing quality UI and UX to visitors became the prime objective of Google and other search engines. According to Google’s guidelines released in 2015, your website’s conversion rate plays an important role in determining your search engine rankings. If your visitors do not convert, Google gets a red signal that your website is not offering quality content, UX and UI.

So conversion rate isn’t only important because it feeds your bottom line, it is also crucial because it improved website rankings too.

Creating an effective content strategy requires technical SEO knowledge, a superb grip of the English language and a deep understanding of industry trends and niche specifics. That’s not a skillset you find everywhere these days.

Microcopy and Forms Copywriting

Your conversion rate is largely dependent upon on the call to actions, forms, buttons and taglines you use. On average, visitors spend less than 10 seconds on a website; they won’t read every word of your content. If your web content is enriched with catchy, engaging, strategically positioned microcopy and forms, you are more likely to convert visitors into customers. In other words, just a few words on your web page can be the game-changer.

How Can We Help You?

Microcopy writing is a practice that requires a thorough understanding of user interface design, the power of language, persuasion, and much more. In just a few words, often five words or less, a writer can smooth the flow of visitors towards conversion, overcome an objection, or propel people to the next stage in the sales funnel. Here’s an example:

Here’s an example of how our content strategy typically looks:


Bad Microcopy: Register Now for Our Services


Good Microcopy: Boost Your Conversions – Sign Up Now!

There are numerous tactics available that go unnoticed by most webmasters. It’s all about composing the message in a way that what works on the web! If you are not familiar with microcopy writing theory, the chances are you will fail in your attempts to create microcopy that can converts!

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From content structure, to language choice, and understanding the user process, our marketing writers analyse the best way to incorporate microcopy that delivers results.

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