Crisp, Effective and Highly Engaging Social Media Content Writing

Social media platforms defy much of what we have traditionally learnt about marketing strategy. When it comes to social media content writing, it is a completely different game altogether. Crisp, effective and engaging write-ups might do the trick, but there’s much more to it than that. With social media content writing, it’s all about increasing the engagement rate of your followers, and attracting attention of a wider net of individuals and businesses. It’s about standing out and building e-relationships. That takes skillful, targeted content, and a large dose of good timing.

Creating Content with the Potential to go Viral

Going viral is the main objective of many social media campaigns. But, areof course other goals of engaging people through social media.

Did you know Google now considers social media signals coming from your social media profiles as a green signal for ranking websites?

Your social media posts are now even shown in the search the results, so it’s more important than ever to ensure your posts are well-written, optimized for both social media and search engines, and have the potential to attract your target audience.

At Pavilion Copywriting, we have a team of social media content experts in Brighton who devise successful social media content writing strategies that generate for our customers top-notch content that converts.


Here’s what we do:

  • We use social media marketing tools to check what type of content is trending
  • We use each platform’s insights and analytics to identify trending topics and areas of opportunity
  • We perform keyword and theme research and analysis to enrich your content with keywords
  • Most importantly, we infuse creativity with established communication techniques and subject matter expert knowledge of your niche to reach out to and connect with your audience.

Why Should You Choose Us?

Whether you are running a comprehensive social media campaign, or you want to post regularly on your Facebook page to attract some organic traffic, we can deliver for you. Our streamlined processes and years of experience in the industry enable us to deliver high quality, creative social content that is capable of increasing your social media engagement. In addition, we are well aware of the different advertising strategies on social media platforms, such as native advertising and lead nurturing. By combining our skills and expertise, the content our Brighton social media content team creates will give the much needed boost to your social media presence.

Who Are We?

Pavilion Copywriting is a group of highly trained and experienced professional writers, journalists and marketers who create and deliver social media content strategies for clients in Brighton, and around the World. We have worked across multiple industries and in various niche, giving us the experience required to write authority content in YOUR niche. When you work with us, you can focus on your key areas of expertise whilst we take care of ours.


From regular social media posts, statuses updates, tweets to paid social media campaigns such as banners and ad copy, we are the social media content experts you need to deliver exceptional ROI.


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