Blending Creativity and Expert Communication to Produce Powerful Radio and Video Scripts!

Of all the types of writing the trickiest one is scriptwriting. It takes experience to write a 30 second script that delivers the message effectively, and takes into account the nuances of video or radio communication. Whether you are looking to create an explainer video or you want script writing for a radio advertisement, you need experts in the field who know exactly how to get the job done!

Affect your Audience!

Welcome to Pavilion Copywriting, where we blend creativity with effective communication to ensure your message is delivered to your target audience in an engaging way. Radio and script writing is rarely a DIY activity. However, for many, investing in a 100 words (30 second script) is seen as a waste of money. Unfortunately, they miss the point. A quality script, delivered well, resonates in the mind of the audience, transforming perceptions and literally re-wiring the brain; it grabs attention, builds desire and then compels the listener or viewer to take action. If your script affects your audience in the right way it will have the effect you desire.

How Can Pavilion Script writing Help You?

At Pavilion Copywriting, we have Brighton script writers who have spent years in the industry; creating scripts for online and traditional advertising campaigns. From explainer videos to advertising videos, we have done it all! Here’s a breakdown of the main reasons our clients employ this our service:

  • Scripts for Radio Advertisements and Shows
  • Scripts for Explainer Videos
  • Scripts for Product Demonstrations
  • Scripts for Television Advertising
  • Scripts for On-Stage Presentations

Why Does this Niche Matter?

One thing we get asked a lot is about the difference between scripts for different media. Remember, as a marketer, your channels will have different goals. For example, with an explainer video, your goals is to creatively explain your services to your customers in order to increase engagement and conversion rates. Radio and TV advertisements may well be more about branding building. There will be a huge difference in the scriptwriting for these two channels; one will be geared towards the product demo, the other will be geared towards the brand.

Why Choose Pavilion Copywriting?

Too many people write their scripts as they would a blog article. It doesn’t work!

We will consult with you to understand your audience and exactly what you need, and then deliver exceptional scripts that really speak to your audience through the medium in which you are communicating. We create scripts that are appropriate for the niche and take into account the existing mindset of the audience; powerful, mind-altering scripts that drive revenue to your business.

How to Get Started?

Getting started with Pavilion Copywriting is easy. Give us a call to discuss your requirements and content strategy. We’ll then analyse what needs to be done and formulate a plan. Our Brighton radio and script writers are the best in the business. We provide unlimited revisions until you are 100% satisfied with the scripts.

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