Harness the Power of Skyscraper Articles for Better SEO Rankings and Increased Conversions!

Writing skyscraper articles is a fairly new concept in the online marketing industry. In fact, not many marketers and writers are even aware of the term ‘skyscraper articles’. So, what exactly are they and how do they help you increase website visitors and conversions?

The Phenomenon of Skyscraper Articles

Skyscraper articles are lengthy authority articles pull together information from multiple authority sources.

Here is how skyscraper articles benefit you:

  • They are lengthy and therefore can utilize a lot more keywords than standard articles, increasing your content’s chances of ranking for different terms in search engine results
  • They are an aggregation of all the best bits of info, and so help to establish your dominance in the niche
  • They often contain internal links to other articles on your website, increasing the link juice flow through your site
  • They build trust with your readers by citing credible sources.
  • They become definitive resources and so other websites choose to link to them, and they may just go viral

There are numerous benefits of adding skyscraper articles to your content marketing strategy. They are not a strategy of their own, but are a valuable tool as part of an integrated strategy.

Winning the Battle in YOUR Niche

Skyscraper content is particularly good in niche content marketing. The bigger the sector the more competitive it generally is. With smaller nice a few successful skyscraper articles can help you dominate a niche. Authority content also makes the sales conversion much easier by building brand credibility. The quality of your web content reflects on your brand.

Pavilion Copywriting: Streamlined Process for Skyscraper Articles

We have developed a robust process for producing high quality, effective skyscraper articles. Each project is different, but the following framework works for just about every article and client.

Step 1:

Decide on an article angle that is interesting to the target audience. This involves understanding niche trends and reading the questions and comments people are writing about in social media.

Step 2:

Develop mind-blowing content based on the thorough research and analysis of the market. We use several content marketing tools to get an idea of what type of content has the potential to go viral in your niche. Content is usually lengthy, approximately 1,000 to 3,000 words long.

Step 3:

Understand your brand and overall content strategy, to ensure the voice and content are aligned with your other marketing channels.

Skyscrapers articles by our Brighton copywriters have the potential to drive traffic, enhance brand reputation, and increase site authority through natural inbound links. If you want to speak to our content experts about how skyscraper articles can add value as part of your content strategy then get in touch today.

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