Formulating Strategic Content that Fits the Search Engine Algorithms and Influences Your Visitors!

Let’s get one thing straight – if you can’t convince search engines to position your website pages high in the results for what your prospects are searching then you are probably going to have to spend a lot of money on and ongoing basis paying for online and offline adverts.


SEO Copywriting is about understanding search engine algorithms and producing content that the algorithm considers reputable, valuable and relevant.

Search Engines Can Read Content Not Images

Despite the fact that Google has placed a lot of importance on User Interface and User Experience, the crawlers are still unable to read images. What can they read? Content! Yes. Content is the only readable aspect of your website by Google bots. This means that you need to be smart and creative both at the same time, and to convince search engines to rank your website for the terms that your market is searching. Once they are on the website, your content should compel them to take action.

How Can Our Brighton SEO Copywriting Service Help YOU?

SEO Copywriting is a lot trickier than what it was a few years back. Today, you cannot stuff keywords in your content and maintain 2 percent density to guarantee that your content ranks well. Absolutely not! In fact, this practice can be a red flag for Google, and can mean a penalty. This is where 95 percent of seo copywriters fail. Stuffing keywords is easy, but adhering to the guidelines whilst creating creative content that sells is a difficult feat to achieve! It takes a strategic level understanding of the niche you are writing for and a terrific vocabulary; a few handy SEO tools help too!

Our Streamlined Process to Produce Highly Optimized, Search Engine Friendly Web Copy!

At Pavilion SEO Copywriting, we have developed a winning process that allows us to create exceptional content to make your pages rank.


Keyword Research and Analysis

First and the foremost, we use a variety of tools to perform thorough keyword and theme analysis. We select the top keywords in your industry along with their long tail keywords, LSI keywords and negative keywords. We send the keyword analysis report for your approval. Once approved, we move to step 2.


100% Plagiarism Free, Highly Optimized, Creative Content

Once the keywords are decided, we start with the main task; writing the content. Below are some of the policies that our SEO writers follow:

  • We Combine Keyword Prominence and Keyword Density Formulae to Optimize the Articles. Keyword Prominence refers to using the main keywords in all the major parts of the article, whilst keyword density refers to maintaining at least 1 percent to 2 percent keyword density in the articles.
  • We incorporate LSI Keywords in the article to ensure all the closely related search terms, or synonyms, are included.
  • We Structure content, such as adding header tags, Call to Action lines and other microcopy features
  • We plan the Internal Site Structure and interlinking
  • We Create External Links to Maximize Link Juice.

How to Get Started?

Get in touch today with your content requirements and our expert SEO copywriting strategists in Brighton will consult with you to form a water tight SEO Copy Plan. We will agree deliverables and then get working on your content. So what are you waiting for? Call today!

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