The Best Golf Blogs You Love

The Best Golf Blogs You Love

Do you ever crave golf? Even though we enjoy conversing about golf with our friends and coaches, having a fresh perspective every once in a while is nice. Golf blogs provide fresh and entertaining content, so you can stay up to date no matter where you are.

Choosing the best golf blogs can be difficult, especially with so many options available. Whether you’re looking for golf tournament updates or golf holiday ideas, the top list of golf blogs according to golf holiday experts Check out our guide to learn which ones you’ll love! is a large golf blog that publishes multiple articles each day covering a wide range of subjects. Equipment, instruction, travel, golf courses, PGA news, and other subjects are covered. provides expert advice and instruction from the world’s top 100 golf teachers, in order to help millions of golfers improve their game.

Golf Week

Golf Week is a terrific golf blog for following the different professional golf tours. You can find PGA, LPGA, Senior Tour sections, as well as amusing articles like the Top 10 Most Difficult Holes Played in 2018. You can also find out who the top golfers are in all different leagues as well as college golf news.

Golf A Lot

There is an endless supply of golf blog posts on Golf a Lot, a review website. If you want to learn more about golf equipment like new golf balls, new driver releases, and other golf clubs, you can find articles in the categories at the top of their menu.


GolfWRX is a large golf forum on the internet renowned for golf club discussions and evaluations. They also have a ‘What’s In the Bag’ section where you can find out about professional golfers’ club choices to see what equipment they use on a regular basis in tournaments. It’s free to sign up for.

Golf News

It’s gratifying to see that Golf News has become far more popular with golfers than ever before, as a result of its increased prominence. Club golfers can always count on Golf News to provide them with the latest news and exclusive content that they will find interesting and relevant.

Golf Digest

GolfDigest is one of the finest places to check for PGA Tour information in addition to golf club reviews. They publish their Hot Lists, which include the best drivers, best irons, best putters, and more than can be purchased in 2022.


Here is a blog with advice on how to make the switch to a straight backswing with a straight leading arm. They post information from articles by golf experts or from GOLFSTR user success stories.

Golf Practice Guide

Our Golf Practice Guides blog is dedicated to golf instruction. You’ll find a wealth of information on putting, chipping, and the golf swing here. We also publish product reviews on golf clubs, golf balls, and golf training equipment. Please sign up for our email list to receive our latest articles right away!

UK Golf Guy

UK Golf Guy provides inspiration and opinions to help you plan your golf vacation in Europe’s best courses. Whether you want to play in Ireland, Scotland, France, or Portugal, UK Golf Guy has ranked some of the finest golf courses to make it simpler for you to choose where to play. UK Golf Guy provides excellent industry updates, equipment reviews, and golf inspiration in addition to his well-crafted ratings system.

Top 100 Golf

This golf blog is all about playing the world’s best golf courses. This blog is a recounting of a golfer’s journey to play the world’s premier golf courses, blending golf course criticism, travel writing, and social commentary. This is the ultimate guide to some of the world’s most exclusive golf clubs, providing detailed descriptions, wonderful photographs, and information about the club’s atmosphere and traditions.

The Sand Trap

Sand Trap is a free golf forum that connects golfers around the world. It’s a great place to learn more and ask questions about the golfing lifestyle, or browse the forum topics that have already been covered.

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