An Example Content Marketing Post – Locksmiths in Brighton

An Example Content Marketing Post – Locksmiths in Brighton

As suppliers of top quality SEO copy and via our subsidiary company Trilobyte Digital SEO Brighton providers of expert SEO in Brighton, we always endeavour to create the best blogs / articles for our clients.

We put our reputation first and will always eat as many rewrites as necessary until your content is perfect*

Here is an example of a blog for KC Locksmiths in Brighton which we wrote. The brief we were given was to create a custom article based on the expert knowledge they provided. The original article was posted online in the past and so despite our clients KC Brighton’s locksmiths being its original authors they hired us to rewrite it as a piece of authority content designed to pull in interest to their Brighton, Hove, Portslade, Worthing, Seven Dials, Hanover, Kemp Town & Brunswick locksmith services, available 24 hours 365 days a year.

Content Marketing is about providing fresh, well written, original content

This allows us to demonstrate the client’s expertise and authority voice in their particular commercial niche. In this case it was about being one of longest running family locksmith companies in Brighton, UK (and they really are”).

For example if you ever have the pleasure of meeting Mr. KC himself ask him about his safe cracking story in 70s Soviet’s like a lost James Bond novel.

You know as an SEO when you pick up an ideal client; it’s not about how much they pay, or how much prestige the work may give your agency. What’s really important when I engage with a new campaign that I know the client is hungry. It’s a particular characteristic in local SEO or small business SEO as the stakes are so high and in many cases the budget’s longevity is dependant on the success of the SEO campaign. Sometimes sooner than others.

At Trilobyte Digital (which is how I currently make my living having run Pavilion Copy Writing LTD successfully for a number of years) we are dedicated to our small business SEO clients in Brighton.

I know it sounds counter productive and expensive but when one of our Trilobyte Digital clients, who has previous investment in an SEO campaign begins to see problems that are within the scope of their SEO (i.e. we didn’t cause them – they are the problems that come with being on page one for a top commercial search) I am always happy to price up the work required to get them back on their feet and frontload it, after signing a contract, to allow that extra wiggle room of a few months to get your business paying again. If you invest in me I’ll invest in you.

What is our included SEO recovery service?

If you take out one of our premium plans we offer a small business guarantee. SEO can sometimes be compared to trying to coral the wind

(Premium SEO Plan: 20 hours of SEO a month with  a separate copy & web design budget for the minimum 6 months that we require – to be negotiated at the start of the business relationship.)

What does my SEO guarantee mean for your small business?

It means that if you’ve complied completely and demonstrably with every aspect of our instruction, or given us full server /site access so we can totally oversee the process we will always be there to help you.

Example content for locksmiths in Brighton:

The Most Common ways thieves tamper with door locks

It can be tough, and unnerving, to work out whether someone has been fiddling with your locks. This is especially true if you don’t know what signs you should be looking for and there are no obvious indications that something untoward has happened.

If you feel that something may be amiss, it is very important that you investigate your door locks carefully to ensure your own security, and your local Brighton locksmiths are luckily on hand to give you some expert advice about the most common methods thieves use to tamper with door locks.

Forcing Entry

This is where a potential burglar has tried to force their way in, either by drilling through the lock, kicking down the door itself or trying to smash the lock.

This mode of burglary can leave more apparent signs, such as damage to paintwork or wood, bent or misshapen locks and deadbolts, or even changing the shape of a door frame or door itself.

It is important to remain vigilant and if you notice any of these signs for the first time, especially if they were not visible the last time you locked your door, locksmiths always recommend you to call the local police immediately as it is highly possible that someone has attempted to force entry into your home or property.

Picking the locks

This is one of the trickier methods to identify, and because of this it is a very common way potential burglars may try to sneak into your property. Potential thieves use small metal tools, for example a pick with a flathead screwdriver, to turn the lock and lift the pins inside the lock itself.

Locksmiths suggest looking out for tiny scratch marks in the metal surrounding a door lock, or the metal around the keyhole appearing more shiny than usual, if you are concerned that your lock may have been, or attempted to be, picked.

It is worth noting the legality of owning a lock picking set is not universal, and is often best left to the professional locksmiths in case you ever need to gain emergency access to your property.

Bumping the locks

Local Brighton locksmiths advise that this is the easiest, and fastest, ways for a burglar to gain unauthorised access to your property. As such, it is also one of the most common methods favoured by potential thieves.

However, the main downside is that this can create quite a lot of noise, and therefore could be easily noticed by a vigilant neighbour.

The signs of lock-bumping are similar to those of lock picking, that is shiny metal around the keyhole or small notches around the edges of the keyhole from being hit with force.

In the UK, British Standard locks are rated from a bump-resistant point of view, with the higher the rating (one, two or three stars) indicating a higher resistance to lock bumping. Brighton locksmiths strongly recommend using British Standard locks at all times.

What to do if you notice these signs?

As above, if you notice any of these common signs, or simply have concerns that your home may have been targeted by burglars, it is important to call the police as soon as possible. You should then contact your local Brighton locksmiths to ensure your home security is re-established

And that’s what we do – we make branded content for SEO. If you want to hire us call the team at Trilobyte Digital on 01273 257 130


*Within the job specs – some increases in quality can be dependent on the writer e.g. if you hire a standard member of our content copywriting team to write a specialist article with a subject that requires an SME (for example dentistry) we would only rewrite within reason as we’d ultimately see the problem as the hire of a non-SME writer who may only be able to rewrite articles to formula rather than base on expert medical knowledge. The difference between our standard writer rates vs our SME rates are available upon emailing us at Trilobyte Digital which is currently the operating mouthpiece of Pavilion Copy Writing Ltd.

Contact us at for a free one hour SEO consultation or to arrange 1 to 1 SEO training in Sussex.

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