Behind The Brands – A Social Media Manager’s Role in Online Success

Behind The Brands – A Social Media Manager’s Role in Online Success

As online shopping increases and social media develops, it has never been more important for brands and businesses to be online, easily accessible and regularly updating their customers. Social Buzzing is one of the biggest and best leading companies, driving brands to success through their social media expertise. But, of course, with more brands than ever before recognising the importance of social media and going online, the more social media managers are needed and therefore any job vacancies you will find online on Glass Door and Reed! So, what’s it like to work for social buzzing?

Social Media Platforms and Reaching The Audience

Just like social media, the role of social media manager is diverse and fast-paced! A social media manager has to be familiar with the leading social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and Google Plus. These are the main social media platforms we assign to brands, depending on where we believe their target market are dwelling online. We also manage Pinterest marketing campaigns, recently we helped Fitness Purity massively grow their following.

Content is a large part of your role when working for Social Buzzing. If you are familiar with the current trends and always have your finger on the pulse, this is no problem! Social Buzzing allows you to take a brand, research the market, and develop and create inspiring content for the target market to see and engage with so you have to be creative and full of new ideas each week to ensure your brand is providing value to its followers.

Increasing Engagement

A brand never reached success just with the content they produce. To truly succeed online, a brand has to be active. There are many social media managers behind this as a driving force! That means that another large part of your role when working for Social Buzzing is spending time actively liking, commenting and following the target market on the focused social media platforms to increase visibility and engagement, for example on People Per Hour. You are directly there for customers when they need you, answering their tweets, replies, comments and direct messages to ensure help is on hand immediately!

Managing Campaigns

Advertising campaigns are key to most businesses’ online success. As a social media manager for Social Buzzing, it is solely your responsibility to recognise potential seasons, campaigns and trending topics to take advantage of and run advertising campaigns alongside. These might include January sales, ‘back to school’ September, the start of summertime and many other seasons crucial to your brands’ markets. Research is key to identifying these seasons and you can be as creative as you want when brainstorming ideas and creating campaigns that catch people’s eye!

Delegating and Spreading The Buzz

There is so much more to the success of a brand than just content on their social media pages. As social media manager at Social Buzzing, it is also your job to ensure the brand is visible everywhere they can be online. It is your job to delegate SEO services and online reviews on sites such as Deskjock and to ensure monthly blog posts are uploaded to the website as well as guest blogs. It is also your responsibility to identify collaborations and publicity opportunities such as features in print and online media and organise and manage blog collaborations and sponsorships between influencers and the brands that you manage. You might also want to go where the target audience are and ensure they know about your brand’s services or products on online forums and chatrooms. In short, your role is to get everybody talking about your brand!

It’s All About The Results!

At Social Buzzing, social media managers are integral to brands reaching their goals for social awareness and sales. Another key element of brand management is measuring the success and the difference you are making. We regularly report back to our clients on the content we are creating, the impact it is having on the audience and the increase in following, engagement and sales month upon month. This way, we can acknowledge what works well and keep doing it, spot what doesn’t work and try something new and anticipate the next move to ensure we are always one step ahead of the competition!


If you’re creative, hard-working, quick on the pulse and looking for a fast-paced role in social media, this could be the role for you!

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