Biggest benefits of having a blog on your website

Biggest benefits of having a blog on your website

Many businesses overlook the power of having a blog on your company website. Blogs do take time and if you’re going to start one, you should be committed to producing regular content. It’s becoming more important than ever for businesses to develop a strong web presence, stay relevant and communicate with existing and potential customers. If you haven’t already set up a company blog, why not? There are many benefits to having a blog, not just for your customers but also for the growth of your business. UK Car Finance is a car finance provider based in the North East of England who is here to share their biggest benefits of adding a blog to your website and how you can maximise it.

Boost your Search Engine Rankings

SEO is incredibly important for every business. Having a company blog is a great way to boost your search engine rankings. Search engines love content that is fresh and relevant and your blog is one of the easiest ways to provide this. By regularly updating your blog with new content, you are giving search engines such as Google new pages to index and provides a great opportunity to highlight your keywords and internal links. All of which contribute to great SEO practices and growth in organic traffic.

Thought leadership

You may be in an industry that is rapidly growing and competitive and it can be hard to stay relevant. However, your company blog is a great place to share your expert knowledge and build authority. You want to provide your customers with the information they are looking for when they visit your site but it’s also important to put yourself ahead of the competition. Becoming a thought leader in your industry is all about using your business experience and passion to inform your website visitors. Ever seen a fantastic blog by your competitor and thought ‘why didn’t we think of that first?’ Use your blog to provide credible information whilst also putting yourself at the forefront of the latest news in your industry.

Engagement and sharing opportunities

When you create new content that is interesting and informative, naturally people will want to share it. The more people you reach, the more likely you are to convert website traffic into clients or customers. Even one share on social media can increase brand awareness and it’s also the perfect opportunity for free advertising! Make sure you include sharing buttons on your post to make the process easier for your readers and a comment section to promote engagement.

Give your brand a personality

It can be hard to get your personality across various marketing platforms. However, your blog can be used to show your human side. You will of created many of your website pages to be optimised for SEO purposes and may not give much of your brand personality away. As mentioned, your blog is a great place to highlight your organic keywords, but it does give more opportunity to talk about the things that matter to your business and also concerns that your customers have. Your personality can also help build trust and authority for your website visitors. Consumers are more likely to buy from brands who they have heard of or recognise as reputable.

Improve your conversion rate

According to research from Hubspot, a brands overall ROI increases when they blog regularly. Keeping your blog up to date shows your readers that you’re active and relevant. Your blog can also be used to improve conversion rates on your website by adding a call to action buttons. If a user has landed on your blog through a social share, give them a reason to go beyond that page or collect emails for your email marketing list. If they are already on your site, why not make their visit meaningful?

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