Client Case Study: Salamander Adventures

Client Case Study: Salamander Adventures

Salamander Adventures are an experienced travel guide company that specialise in fully organised walking tours of the Mont Blanc Alpine area. The famous trail has been a popular rite of passage for both beginner and more experienced hikers for many years and there are a number of competing tour companies that offer similar services and guides of this world famous, summer time tourist route. The walk traverses clockwise, through the most accessible ridges and cols at an average altitude of 2000m, covering 165km over eleven days. The tour’s accessibility and range of options in regards to price and freedom is a major part of its appeal and there is a budget option that will suit most types of traveller with a penchant for adventure.

As experts in providing niche and SEO optimised copywriting, our client had a full consultation to ensure the best short and long term strategy to relaunch their website and to increase the overall ranking of their business; the Salamander Adventures’ Tour du Mont Blanc as a high end, well organised, epic adventure holiday. The web presence was redesigned to appear more visually inspiring, cinematic and image-rich with a new interface, meaning any accompanying copywriting needed to reflect the updated glossiness and their target demographic. This meant using natural, appealing language while utilising the broad techniques available by our team to optimise SEO rankings.

Copy-writing for the adventure industry

Using an array of sister sites, twenty five well-known locations around the Mont Blanc trail were heavily researched – these locations were targeted search terms and will be used as potential website content, but mainly to maximise future content for the client’s long-term optimisation of strategy success.

Six guest posts were also created by our specialist copywriters that could be published alongside the release of the new, fully-optimised web presence with immediate effect, thus fulfilling both a long and short term, bespoke online marketing plan. The guest posts applied industry standard trends and applications, LSI keywords and thematic content in a natural, compelling series of easy, relatable posts that could then be featured on audience-appropriate culture, news and travel sites.

Salamander Adventures’ Tour du Mont Blanc already had a precise itinerary that was available from their previous website. The itinerary and price plans were simple and clear, and new supporting copy needed to harness the existing clarity, but also modernise and update the appeal and idea of the tour.

SEO targeted copy that converts

By researching the very best existing web content on any chosen topic, this essentially ‘rival’ copy can provide deep insight in to the style and detail of copy needed to make sure the client stands out adjacent to its immediate competitors. Using the ‘sky-scraper technique’ to collate and rewrite articles with viral success provides even more thematic relevance, keyword density and overall success.

Using the existing itinerary, covering locations in France, Switzerland and Italy’s ‘Valle d’Aosta’ – the copywriting research covered as many local entities as possible, with obvious tourist hotspots of Chamonix and Courmayeur, but also small, lesser-known communes scattered around the trail. This research even extended to local landmarks, famous auberge, refuges and even the most frequently searched-for summits of the Mont Blanc massif.

Writing for the Tour du Mont Blanc

The prose for the client’s website is still in progress – it must be finalised to deliver perfect style and consistent language to ensure the highest conversion from their target audience. The extensive amount of high quality, original guest posts will support the client’s stunning online relaunch. The posts will be featured to generate traffic, and, while highlighting the new Tour du Mont Blanc site itself, it will also feature non-competitive links to generate more online SEO success.

The research and analysis to create the best online strategy and copywriting for the Tour du Mont Blanc covered a broad range of topics; geology, geography, history – all within an exciting, enticing theme of travel writing. The current copy amounts to at least fifteen thousand words of compelling, original content that will be available to Salamander Adventures for immediate and future use to ensure their sustained online success.

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