Copywriting For The Betting Industry

Copywriting For The Betting Industry

There are a number of different approaches and techniques that can be used when writing copy for the betting industry. A lot of your tactics will be determined by what the client is looking for and the message they are hoping to express. The betting industry relies a lot on engaging content with subtle nudging towards a call to action with the intent to attract new members to their site, whether it’s a sport betting site or an online casino. Written content cannot be underestimated as part of a digital marketing campaign and there are a number of key things to bear in mind when writing content for the betting industry.


A key part of all successful betting or casino websites is that the writing needs to be persuasive and engaging. The gambling market is very crowded and competitive, and the reader needs to know why they should pick this website over any others. Whether the site you are writing for has the most competitive betting odds or the most generous sign up bonuses, as long as there is some kind of hook that leads the reader towards a call to action.


In the social age, people like to feel like they are a part of a movement, they have a fear of missing out. Copywriters must seize this opportunity to persuade their readers that they could be missing out if they don’t join in with certain trends. Seasonal events are also worth capitalising on because they are short in nature. For example, the Ladbrokes Christmas Elfie campaign is raising money for St Luke’s Hospice, but there is an element of urgency as there is only a short amount of time for people to get involved throughout the festive season. The travel industry also uses similar methods to highlight seasonal offers on cheap holidays.


Betting brands are usually the leaders when it comes to bonuses and special offers, which as a writer gives you a lot of ammunition to create content from. The sporting calendar is packed full of big events and competitions that provide prime opportunities to attract new customers. The Grand National, Wimbledon and football Cup finals are usually the biggest marketing opportunities for betting brands. The designer plays a role that is just as important as the copywriter in this instance, as the look and layout of the promotion must be attractive and eye catching, working in tandem with the written content to point the reader towards the call to action.


There is an element of copywriting that is very similar to public speaking. The content needs to be directed at somebody. Written content can become very generic when the writer is trying to address a wide audience, instead it is more effective to direct every word at one particular person. Content that is written in the style of somebody talking is usually the most effective.


A strong piece of content is measured by the number of sales the business makes as a result. As a result, content should always be action heavy to grip the reader and encourage them to join in. It is very easy to overuse adjectives when writing copy for the first time, the images can quickly become jumbled and abstract. The trick is to use adjectives when it feels like they have the most purpose and to add a sense of intrigue. Gripping content should always be the villain of boredom, injected with a dose of action to keep the reader’s attention from start to finish.

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