Should You Use a Branded Domain Email Address or Gmail?

Should You Use a Branded Domain Email Address or Gmail?

Many people still use free email providers such as Gmail when communicating with customers, and unbranded marketing materials. The reason they do this, normally, is because they are used to using that email address.


In this article, we will go through why it’s important to choose to use your domain branded email rather than Gmail or another free email provider.


Why Choose Branded Email?


Whatever industry you work in, customers expect and respond better to rather than Having a branded email demonstrates that you are serious and helps to build your brand. Having in is in itself an effective marketing strategy.


There’s no doubt that the free email service providers out there offer great services for personal use. However, you are setting yourself below your competitors if you are using those emails for business.


Imagine your personal experience. When you see a plumber pass you on the road with an @Hotmail email address, do you take them as seriously as one with a branded domain email? Think about this scenario. If you are booking a holiday online, and send a question to the travel agent, and get an email back from a Gmail account, are you going to be more or less wary than if you get a branded email back? Are you likely to send a deposit to a Gmail PayPal account, or are you going to trust a branded email to a greater extent?


Trust and credibility are the currency of your business and by having a nonbranded email address, you are letting yourself and your business down.


What Other Benefits Are There of Branded Email?


When you choose branded email, you can set up lots of different accounts and your company. For example, you can set up,, and so forth. In this way, you can create an organisational structure through your email, and have emails go through to different people within the company, whether they be full-time employees, freelancers, or part-time ad hoc workers.


You have more flexibility with a branded domain email to add encryption and other features through your email. Advanced domain features don’t tend to be available in the free email providers, such as Gmail.


In addition, some services that are offered to businesses won’t allow you to sign up with a personal email address. This can limit your ability to use certain tools and online services, which can be a real situation when you need them urgently.


There are lots of compelling reasons to use a branded domain email rather than a free email service provider. If you don’t have a domain for your business yet, then it’s time to get one. If you are still using free email service providers, it’s time to move across to a branded email address and to start sharing it with your customers.

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