Smart Ways to Utilise Facebook Live for Your Business

Smart Ways to Utilise Facebook Live for Your Business

Facebook live is a preferred choice of most brands and businesses to build solid relationships with their followers and look for new ones. Its steady growth is evident from the fact that the Facebook Live stream search popularity rose by over 330% ever since its inception in 2015.

Therefore, it proves to be a significant game changer, with its steady engagement and real-time connectivity.

So, if you want to boost your business (even if you have limited resources), now is your chance to go live on Facebook. You’ll experience a significant jump in your engagement.

In this post, we’ll walk you through the practical ways on how you can utilize Facebook live for your business.

Let Them See the Behind the Scenes

Facebook live is an excellent platform wherein you can give your fans and followers a behind-the-scenes perspective.

For instance, some of your fans might be interested in your line of work. You can hold a live video session to share your knowledge, expertise, and to educate people who are searching for this information.

Moreover, you can focus on a significant aspect of your business or brand where people are interested to know more about.

Broadcast Live Events

Are you currently in a conference or some other place you want your fans to have a glimpse of? Well, why not broadcast it live?

Organizing a live event is one of the most effective ways to build your brand.

Also, engage with your audience while filming. Be with them in every single bit of it. Don’t forget to answer whatever questions that may come your way as well.

Pro Tip: Before your broadcast, determine the objectives that you want to achieve with your live stream.

As Stephanie Rico shares on Voy Media, a Facebook ad agency, “For video streaming to bear the right fruit, it needs to have a sound strategy to support and guide it. With that in mind, your first order of business is to define the purpose and goal of your videos.”

What is the key message that you want to convey? Have you determined who your audience is and why are you talking to them? Think about metrics and KPIs, too.

Are you looking to:

  • Boost your engagement
  • Generate Leads
  • Educate your target audience
  • Incorporate a CTA to increase the number of web visits or install an app

Promote and Tease Your Audience

If you’re preparing to hold a Facebook live, it’s essential that you inform your audience ahead of time that you’re going live.

Moreover, don’t just reach out to your audience with only one channel. Cross-promote if you can to optimize the number of video views.

If you want to create anticipation, create something that they can look forward to and tune in.

If you’re collaborating with an influencer, see to it that they’re promoting the live broadcast in advance as well. That way, you’re reaching their network and prompting to more users to view your discussion.

Hire an Influencer to Take Over

If you want to give your audience an expert opinion about a particular topic, then why not work with an influencer who is knowledgeable on that field. That way, your audience will have broaden their perspective on a particular subject.  Not to mention, the influencer will invite their audience to watch as well, helping you gain more viewers.

However, finding an influencer who is an expert in your industry can sometimes be daunting. Tools like Buzzstream or Grin allows you to find the right influencer in your niche.

Answer ‘FAQ’s and Entertain Them

Facebook Live isn’t meant to be just a one-way channel. Anyone present in your broadcast can instantly type a message that will pop on your screen.

That’s precisely why it’s an excellent channel for live Q&A sessions. Your followers’ queries can be resolved. Moreover, the “live” element of the feature reinforces that connection between you and your audience.

For instance, you’ve written a blog post that your audience might have questions in. Although you can directly answer your readers’ comments on your blog, it’s more efficient to schedule a Facebook live session.

That way, you can answer all their questions at once and encourage your followers to stay tuned.

Moreover, you can also save more time on your end because you can address these questions upfront. Holding these kinds of sessions helps you know more about your audience and how they think.

You never know ‒ through it, you can stumble on a genius idea that you can apply on your next marketing campaign.

Stream Your New Product Launch

Product launches are highly anticipated exclusive events. Over the last couple of years, many industries and brands started to live to stream their product launches and event. That gives their audience a VIP experience of their own.

In streaming your latest product launch, you need to showcase your product by featuring what it can do and how it’s going to change the lives of your customers. Holding off big events like these can draw massive amounts of customers into your brand.

Over to You

The trend of massive video consumption is on the rise. Facebook live gives you more opportunity to engage with your followers in a landscape wherein live broadcasts are steadily growing in popularity. More and more people are also demanding an easily digestible form of content.

Crafting excellent live videos start by looking at the ones who mastered it and how you can learn from them. So why not monitor a couple of live videos on Facebook? Then, see which of those got the most interactions and engagement from their audience.

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